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Support Phone Number

For Administrators and Authorized Support Contacts:
Call +1 855-895-4815 and select the Authorized Support Contact option from the menu. See more information.

For End Users:
To see what your support options are, please read: SAP Concur Support Overview.

How Do I Sign In to My SAP Concur Profile?

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Shortcuts: First Time User | Need Your Sign In Info?  | Forgot Password | Using the Mobile App


To sign in to your SAP Concur profile: 

  1. Open a new browser window and enter: into the URL field. 
  2. The SAP Concur Sign In screen appears. Enter your SAP Concur username.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Enter your SAP Concur password. Note: For first time users, you will enter a provided temporary password and be required to set up two-factor authentication (2FA). You will be prompted to change the temporary password once signed in. Refer to the article: How Do I Set Up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)? to make sure 2FA is set up correctly. 
  5. Enter the 2FA code shown on your authenticator app in the Authentication Code field.
  6. Click Sign In.

If your company uses Single Sign On, please contact your company's internal Concur Administrator to find out how to sign in to your SAP Concur profile. They will have instructions for you. If you do not know who your Company Administrator is, your manager or someone in the Finance, Accounting, Payroll or HR departments may be able to help you identify that person.


Important: If your company uses single sign on, you WILL NOT be required to set up 2FA. 


If you are a first time user:

Once your company is an SAP Concur customer, user profiles are created by your company's administrators and sign in information is emailed to you.


If you need your sign in information for any other reason:

If you do not know your credentials or have lost your initial email with that information, you can navigate to and click the "Forgot username?" link to have your username emailed to you. There are some companies who do not allow for users to receive their username via email. If that applies to your company, you will receive an email stating as such when you try to retrieve your username.


If you forgot your SAP Concur Password

If you cannot remember your SAP Concur password, navigate to Enter your username, then click Next. On the Enter Password screen, click the Forgot Password? link. On the next screen, click Send. You should receive an email with a password reset link. If you don't receive a password, check your Junk or Spam folders. If you still do not receive an email, please read this article: I Tried to Reset My SAP Concur Password, but Never Received an Email


Using the SAP Concur Mobile App

For information on using the SAP Concur mobile app, please refer to this article: How Do I Sign In to the SAP Concur Mobile App? 


If you have issues signing in, this article may help you figure out a possible reason why. If your issue is related to an error message about your authentication code being incorrect, please refer to this article: How Do I Troubleshoot the 2FA Error: "The Authentication code you entered is incorrect"