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Getting Started with TripIt Pro

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If you’re here, that means you’re ready to launch Concur TripLink. With Concur TripLink, your travelers will get a complimentary subscription to TripIt Pro (normally $49 USD/year). Now is the perfect time to start thinking about driving user adoption – a critical element in maximizing visibility and improving employee experience.​ 


What is TripIt?

TripIt is a beloved mobile app that helps your travelers stay one step ahead, from planning to landing. It will organize all their travel plans in one place and give them a heads-up as things happen throughout their trip. When their trip is over, their expense report will be started for them in Concur Expense.


Leverage the Getting Started Guide below to drive user adoption of TripIt Pro. The guide will make it simple to communicate how your employees can create a TripIt account,  activate their complimentary TripIt Pro subscription, and start organizing their itineraries.


View the Getting Started Guide 

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About This Author
I joined SAP Concur in 2020, with a background in marketing for the travel industry. I started out creating programs to help travelers adopt and take advantage of the many benefits of the TripIt app. Today, I am a Sr. Global Product Marketing Manager at SAP Concur supporting our travel portfolio, specifically for Concur TripLink and TripIt Pro. I help to effectively bring new products and features to market, listen to customer feedback to develop future innovations, and write messaging to help our customers understand the great benefits our solutions offer. I'd love to help answer any Concur TripLink or TripIt-related questions you have!