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How to unverify an email address linked to different travel provider

My company just switched to a different travel provider. When setting up my profile in the new provider's instance of Concur, I see my company email address populated in there but I am not able to verify it. It says it is still linked to another account and must be unverified there before I can verify it on this account. When we were notified about the cut-off date for the old provider, there were instructions to go into the profile page and take note of our information (frequent flyer, KTN etc) but nothing was mentioned about having to unverify the email address which by default is the company email address. 

Now that I am not able to access the Concur account that was linked to the old travel provider, how can I verify my address for the new account?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@ronaldleft do you know if anyone does have access to the old instance? If someone does who has admin permissions, I believe they could go in and access your profile to unverify. Otherwise, you would need to submit a help ticket to SAP Concur Support and have them go in and do it. In the mean time, you can add other email addresses other than your work email. I believe you can have up to 5 different emails verified, so if you need to the option to email receipts, you can use personal emails for the time being.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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How does one go about submitting a help ticket? I don't have anything on my Concur UI which would correlate to this, and the company reps don't seem to know how to do this. This seems like a non-functional answer...

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Thanks for the response. I was lucky that Concur link on our company website was not yet updated and still pointing to the old instance. I was able to get in there and unverify my work email and then get it verified in the new instance. I can see how this can be a confounding issue for many users and cannot understand how and why the guidance was not provided prior to going live with the new Concur account. Also, why can't Concur unverify all email addresses for the sunsetting accounts by default? 

Finally, when guiding my team through the process of unverifying their email addresses and verifying them on the new account, I noticed that the option to verify had disappeared. I haven't checked again recently so I am not sure if that was just a bug, or did Concur deactivate the verify feature because of the issue above.