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Error in Employee import



Lately I've been seeing the below error on the employee import files.


"Travel information for employee with employee ID [] cannot be imported. The corresponding employee must be in the expense system or have a valid 310 record in this import file."


From what I know we import 300 and 350 files for each employee and it works for most employees.


What do I need to to to get the employees profiles imported in Concur?


Thank you,





Super User
Super User

Hello @CorinaB 


In my company, in the employee import file we populate the segments 100, 305 and 350. We do not use 300




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Hi @CorinaB ,


Can you please try importing record 305 with all the expense related required fields such as emp id, first name, last name, login id, country code, ledger, Expense user (Y), vendor code, Custom 21 Concur Expense Group Hierarchy etc.

With this employee's basic expense profile will get created and then try importing record 350. 


I think here sequence of importing record matters. (100,305, 350)


Let me know if error gets resolved.



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Hi @PoojaKumatkar,


Thank you for you suggestion. I will inform the HR team and see if it works.


I will keep you updated.

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Hi @CorinaB 


To resolve this issue, make sure the concerning user is already existing in the SAP Concur database (User Administration) or kindly check your import file to see if the 305/310 record line for this user is correct before processing the 350 import record again.

If the above steps do not help, please contact SAP Concur Support and share below details:

  • Employee Name, Employee ID
  • Employee Import Run Number
  • Employee Import Run Date

The 350-level record is used with either the 305-level (Expense & Travel user) or the 310-level (Travel only user) record block, or the user must already exist in the Expense database / system.

This error indicates that the employee’s profile failed to get loaded to SAP Concur via 300/305/310 record type (or the 350 record was used just by itself without user being created in the database) and hence, 350 record type containing user’s Travel Information couldn’t be processed.


To download the current Employee Import Template: 

  1. Download Professional Deployment Toolkit
  2. Select Specifications and Templates for SAP Concur Travel and Expense
  3. Open Technical Deployment Toolkit
  4. Headers and other tools
  5. Header - Employee import

To download the current Employee Import file specifications:

  1. Repeat Steps 1-3
  2. Imports
  3. Employee_Import.pdf

Best wishes,

Andras Lukanecz
SAP Concur

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Occasional Member - Level 2

Hi All, 


Thank you for your answers. It seems that the issue was from a ' that was present in the employee's email. As soon as that was cleared, the import went without errors.


Kind regards,