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Customer Community Forums read/unread issue

Not sure where else to raise this, but the read/unread thread indicators on the Customer Community Forums are not working as I think they should.


Bold = Unread

Plain = Read


The problem I've noticed is that threads I have read retain their Read indicator even when they have had new posts since I last read them; they should revert to Unread status in that instance.  This makes it difficult when reviewing the forums to know 'where I'm up to' as I can't identify which of the Read threads I've actually fully read.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@DeanR you bring up an interesting point. I'm fairly certain that the site by default only uses the original post as the Read/Unread indicator. I understand you might read a post, then come back to it later. For now, you can manually set a read post to unread by using the Mark Post as New option. I get that you might not either remember to do this or you just click off of the post. I can bring this up in our next team meeting. 


However, as a site moderator, when I reply to a post, it helps me to keep the post as read. That's how I know where I am in answering people's questions. I rely on the original poster to use the @ sign so I will get a site notification that they replied to my response.




Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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