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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Poll: What sessions did you attend today? Which ones were your favorites?

Let's get the convo started - for those who participated in the Americas Fusion Agenda, which sessions did you attend and which were your favorites?


Day 1 Sessions

  1. Opening Keynote
  2. Exploring a World Where AI is Essential
  3. Exploring the Current Evolution of Travel
  4. Customer Spotlight: Novo Nordisk
  5. Product Roadmap for Spend Solutions
  6. Product Roadmap for Travel Solutions
  7. Product Roadmap for Data & Analytics Solutions
  8. Closing Keynote: Rethink the Impossible to Positively Impact Lives

Day 2 Sessions

  1. Tips & Tricks for Improving Compliance
  2. Rethinking Your Accounts Payable Process
  3. Top Reports for Analyzing Your Current Compliance Strategy
  4. Utilizing Payment Innovations to Improve Compliance
  5. Redefining Benchmarks and Metrics
  6. Tools for Proactively Driving Compliance
  7. Finding Your Fraudsters in Uncertain Times
  8. Building a Data Strategy to Strengthen Compliance
  9. Audit Best Practices
  10. Mindfulness and Networking Break
  11. Maintaining Compliance with a Distributed Workforce
  12. Leveraging AI Technology to Ensure Global Tax Compliance​
  13. Rethinking Expense Policies
  14. Rethinking Travel Policies
  15. How to Enforce Policies with Audit Rules
  16. Lessons in Adopting the New User Experience for the Concur Expense & Concur Request Solutions
  17. Employee Spend and Compliance Regulations in Mexico
  18. Managing Data and System Integrations for Latin America Countries
  19. Ask the Expert: Data and Reporting
  20. Ask the Expert: Audit
  21. Ask the Expert: Policies
  22. Ask the Expert: Tax and Compliance Regulations


Occasional Member - Level 3

@TracyM Easily the best one was the Product Roadmap to Spend Solutions  -- as well as the Data Solutions. Pretty excited about the upcoming updates to the Expense and Reporting Platforms. Also loved the insight to AI for Audit-- all the 3 sessions were very informative.


Today I was torn between attending - Ask the Experts, Data and Audit. Eventually I chose the Reporting session -- and did not regret it.

I found solutions to 2 reports that were haunting me. 🙂


Prerana D

Super User
Super User

dear @Tracey 


I followed and did see most of all at the EMEA session today.

Considering it was an online event, I was impressed still for the informative details and explenations. I like the most "Exploring a World Where AI is Essential" which i think is going to be the most relevant for Concur in the actual time and near future.

thank you again for organizing all of this even during this special time.




Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari

@Munari_alEXPert @PDalal thanks for sharing!


@PDalal - finding solutions to your reports is huge!  @Munari_alEXPert AI is for sure where the action is now, that session was so interesting.


Love to hear from more attendees!



Frequent Member - Level 1

I really enjoyed all of the sessions, but I found the Roadmaps most helpful. Thank you for posting all of the sessions, as I caught up on a few that conflicted. Some really great sessions this year!

Travel and Expense System Administrator
Occasional Member - Level 2

I agree, the road maps were great sessions!  Great to see what is new!

Occasional Member - Level 2

Yesterday, I thought the road map sessions were great and interesting to see what we can offer our cusomters JTB Business Travel.


Today, I thought the session on re thinking travel policies was really good as it is going to be key going into our new world were duty of care will be top of the agenda.

Occasional Member - Level 2

I enjoyed it as well, I missed not having the 3rd day today, it said that only by invitation.   I love Fusion!

Super User
Super User



The first day was exciting and full of lots of information!

I wanted to learn more about reporting, metrics, and compliance.  Reporting can help me with it. 

Maria Steen
Occasional Member - Level 2

Agreed, that is my main area of focus as well.