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Occasional Member - Level 2

Why does SAP keep getting rid of useful features? (flight results in a grid)

I tried to book a flight today and lo and behold, I was greeted with the "new" layout for flight search results that simply show EVERY FRIGGIN FLIGHT top to bottom with no intuitive filtering option.


All I want is a grid showing the abbreviated flights by price and airline...


Why was it necessary to take away this simple and exceptionally useful feature?


You keep making me hate this company more and more.

New Member - Level 1

Agreed. I travel a few times a month for work and this new flight booking page is absolutely terrible. They are also hiding common options in hidden menus when there is no need. 

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@Eric4x4 Thanks for posting in the SAP Concur Community. The new Travel Experience allows your to update your Sorts and click on All Filters to allow your to customize your preferred filtering. The search results will display based on your what your company has configured. The new Travel Experience allows you to see what is included in your fare for each fare type to ensure you pick the right option based on your preferences and your company's travel policy. 


I hope your experience will improve, as you become more familiar with the new Travel Experience. 

Thank you,
Lee-Anne Dautovic
SAP Concur Community Moderator
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Occasional Member - Level 2

"The new Travel Experience"  is cumbersome, clunky and far less efficient than the grid. The next thing that I discovered is that the car rental grid is gone. Now I cannot select a car from National Car rental because there are these "budget" Rent-A-Wreck car companies that offer rentals so much cheaper than National that the grid won't even show the options due to the price restrictions.


I am going to be forced to start doing all of my travel through the vendor sites INSTEAD of Concur.


Sometimes change isn't progress. All I can say is PLEASE, bring back the grid.