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Concur is passing the wrong email address to airlines

I have both a personal and work email set in Concur's settings. I don't necessarily look at work email when I'm not in the office, so having things go to a personal email as well is helpful to me.


I've recently scheduled a work trip via Concur. I noticed that none of the information I received on previous trips arrived in my personal email. Nothing in spam or trash, however, when I looked at my domain logs, I saw 300+ rejected emails from the airline's "keep trying until you die" email sender. 


What is happening, concur passed an email address prefaced with XXX_ to the airline. That is, if my email is, then concur passed XXX_ME@MYDOMAIN.COM.  I have combed through all of the information that I can see on Concur's website, all of my profile information is correct.  This bad email address does not appear anywhere. It's also worth mentioning that the airline stated they had garbage in the phone number for this reservation, also prefaced with XXX_ - this should be impossible as I can't enter letters. 


I'm at a loss here - what's going on? Who do I talk to and get this fixed? The airline clearly stated to me that since this was passed to them by a third party (Concur) then the third party passed them bad information. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@bryanscottwalke have you reached out to your travel agency? They will be able to see your profile and the email address associated to any bookings you have made. They might have seen this issue before and could possibly provide some insight.


If your travel agency is able to help, would you mind posting in this thread what the issue and resolution are, please?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Yes, I did. 


They replied: "I can confirm that your profile in Concur is accurate, there is no XXX in front of your email or phone number. When I look at the reservation, I do not even show that your (personalemailaddy) was transmitted to the airline. The email that Direct Travel passed to the airline was your work email address. The only time I see your (personalemailaddy) email address being used was when the reservation was ticketed, the confirmation was emailed to both your work and personal email addresses."
However, the confirmation never made it to me, instead being sent to XXX_​ME.
There's a disconnect here, and no one wants to own it. Somehow, someone passed my personal email to Delta incorrectly.