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Concur Travel Expense Delegate/Travel arranger



We discovered that all Concur delegates are automatically set up as Travel arrangers for those they delegate for in Concur Travel. Can you share if there is a way to disable this? From a data privacy perspective we are concerned that addresses etc... is shared with Delegates who are tasked to to help complete reports. We do not want them to automatically be set up as a be a traveler arranger. Any info would be greatly appreciated. 


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@KevinD forgot to tag you in this ?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@pnenes are users adding their own delegates or are you adding delegates to user profiles? Delegates are for Concur Expense and since it is a separate module from Concur Travel, this should not be happening. However, I'd need to know how delegates are being added as there is one role that might cause a user to be self-assigned to another user. So, if you could let me know what steps are being used to add the delegates. If you could private message me the names of two users this has happened with, I'll take a look. So, I'll need the name of the user and their delegate.


Also, you may want to consider posting in our Forums or the Admin Group instead of this Fusion Group.  🙂

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Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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@pnenes I know you posted this a while back and you may have already found your answer, but I know that there is a way to make this happen. We used to have only self-assigning assistant and you could not assign travel arrangers in the delegate screen on the profile. We ended up changing it to where there is a check box in the delegate within the admin user admin screen that allows for assigning travel arranger. I cannot remember exactly where I turned that on, but I could definitely look and find it if needed. 


If you use request, it may actually be in request site settings. There is a checkbox there for "Enable synchronization of Travel/Request delegates"


Hopefully you receive this and have already found your answer. I only recently joined the SAP Concur Fusion group, so only just now seeing this. You may have posted in the admin group and already received an answer.