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Booking a room in the same hotel

Hi there, my colleagues and I are trying to book the same hotel on different requests but we have noticed that once 2 people complete the booking then the hotel appears sold out in Concur, nevertheless calling the hotel we get told there are free rooms. This has happened for several hotels, different attempts. We are forced then to all book in different hotels, what are we doing wrong ? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@ElenaBambagioni is it very difficult to know what is happening without seeing the whole picture. It is possible that your company has certain rooms they allow you to book based on room rate. These rooms could be very limited, so they appear sold out in SAP Concur, but the hotel has other rooms with different room rates available. 


I don't think you will get a concrete answer here because we do not have access to your company's configured travel rules. Have you tried calling your company's travel agency to ask them what might be causing this? 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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