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Booked Through SAP Concur-United Upgrade Problem

Booked through companies corporate traveler SAP Concur app(yay to staying compliant with corporate policy) and then went to go upgrade on United web platform-it's saying my reservation is not eligible for upgrade.

Is this because I booked through concur? If so-how can Concur brand themselves the "business traveler friendly" service if I can't use and upgrade

Kevin gb whatsapp
Community Manager
Community Manager

@kevinroland first off, great first name. 🙂


I understand where you are coming from, but it is important to note that SAP Concur Travel provides you flight options based on how your company's site administrators configured the booking tool. I'm sure you are aware of how many different fare types there are on airlines. Delta for example has around 16 of them. Some of which are not eligible for upgrades. 


So, if your company decided, by implementing some travel rules, to show the cheaper flights available or the the lower fare classes, then you would only be able to choose those when booking through Concur Travel. Out of the box Concur Travel would return all flights available, but when company's start putting in policies and rules, some fare classes get excluded. 


Concur Travel is just a tool that returns flight options, much like Expedia and Travelocity. However, the difference with Concur Travel is it can be customized by companies, to allow or not allow certain things. That is what makes it stand apart from those other booking tools. 


The best way to maybe get this rectified is to speak to with those at your company in charge of setting the travel policies. I tried looking up the company you listed on your profile and the email address you have, but no results returned. If you provide me your work email address in a private message, I can look up who you could speak with at your company. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Hello @ Kevin


I think there are a few reasons why you might not be able to upgrade your United flight booked through SAP Concur. One possibility is that your company has restricted upgrades for flights booked through Concur. Another possibility is that your fare class is not eligible for upgrades. You can check with your company's travel policy to see if there are any restrictions on upgrades for Concur bookings. You can also check with United Airlines to see if your fare class is eligible for upgrades. Thanks

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Navigating a United upgrade snag booked through SAP Concur can be frustrating. To resolve this, consider reaching out to United's customer support or SAP Concurs assistance. Clear communication about your situation will likely lead to a smoother resolution, ensuring your travel experience aligns with your expectations. Safe travels!

BY Regards Angela

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Consider contacting United's customer service or SAP Concurs for assistance.