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New Member - Level 1

Amtrak Booking Error

First time Concur user.  I tried to book an Acela train, finished all the prompts, hit submit and received an error message that the booking may not have gone through and if I try to rebook the train I may end up with 2 tickets.  The prompt also said to wait for a confirmation email to see if it actually did go through.  Haven't received a confirmation email, wondering if I should attempt to rebook.  Anyone with experience here that can chime in is much appreciated.  


Thank you

Frequent Member - Level 1

I would call your company's Travel Management Company (TMC), they will be able to look at your reservation and see if a confirmation number exists. If there is no confirmation number on their side, they would let you know that you have to rebook. Usually, you can find the information for your TMC on the Concur home page under the Company Notes section.


Travel and Expense System Administrator