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Occasional Member - Level 1

Adding a train to a existing travel

I booked a hotel via Concur and I want to add a train booking (Deutsche Bahn) to the existing trip. When I click on the trip it just tells me: "Add to your Itinerary: Car, Hotel, Add User Supplied Hotel". Any suggestions how to solve this issue?

Routine Member - Level 2

Hi, JohnF

In my experience, adding new segments to an existing reservation is linked to the services provided by the TMC. I suggest that you may contact the TMC to add the segment to the existing reservation or book the train ride as a new reservation. Remember that the TMC may have different booking fees (if any) for booking via phone or via Concur.

I hope this helps.

Maria Steen
Occasional Member - Level 1

Thanks. I also got a reply from service that this feature is not supported yet. I would it call more a bug. They asked me to create another trip with the train booking.