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Reporting on Invoice and Purchase Order Matching

While I can run a report that tells me the PO that an Invoice is associated with, I have been unsuccessful in getting Reporting that tells me the specific PO line item that has been matched with a particular Invoice line item.   I have tried starting on the Invoice side and then pulling in specifics about the PO, and also started on the PO data side to pull in invoice data, but it requires joins.  Just over a year ago, I tried working with Concur's reporting experts on this and after about 8 months of back and forth, they told me they couldn't do it.  I'm just raising this again, in case anyone else has this issue or need or if there have been any developments since I last looked into this. 


And for background on this need:  This would be an INCREDIBLE time saver in our monthly open PO accrual; while I have a report that tells me exactly what line items have been received on open POs, I have to run other reports and do manual Invoice lookups to determine exactly which of those line items are invoiced or not so that I may accrue the received, but not invoiced line items.   The data exists (just look at any Invoice's Matching Summary tab); all I want to do is be able to report on it!


Btw, the standard reports:  Purchase Orders and Associated Payment Requests and  PO Matching Exceptions are not useful for this need. 

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@kblahowicz Hi!  I have reached out to our Reporting team to see if this is something that can be done now.  I will update here once I hear back from them. 


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