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Mass Submitting Invoices

When submitting invoices, I'm usually submitting 20-30 at a time. I don't believe there's a way to mass submit, but it used to ask me, when I hit the submit button, if I wanted to go to the next invoice or back to the list. I once chose go to next invoice, and clicked the don't ask again button. The result was the opposite of what I wanted - it goes back to the list each time and no longer asks me. How can I change this so that it will just go to the next invoice rather than back to the unsubmitted list?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@ccl if the screen you are referring to is the screen below, you should be able to click the Preferences button to access the setting to Open next Invoice in list. If it is not the screen you are referring to, please provide me a screenshot.





Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Hi @ccl ,

Assuming that you are acting as Invoice User here,

Regarding mass submission of invoices - option is available to mass submit all your invoices, however, in this case you need to 1st keep all your invoices ready for the submission including all the required information and fields needs to be filled up and saved. Once this is done, you can go to the My invoices >> Unsubmitted Invoices query (drop down option) >> select all invoices which you want to mass submit and click on Submit button. (refer below screenshot)


Regarding pop up window which shows go to the next invoice or back to the list options - I tried selecting don't ask again' button and chose go to the next invoice option. For me it is working fine. I think, in your case, you might have mistakenly selected back to the list option and forgot which option you have selected. 

To revoke this setting, unfortunately there is no setting available in Concur. However, you can try logging to your profile in different browser (except the one which you used before), here you will get that pop up window again and this time you can select the right option and reset your previous setting if you want or prefer not to select 'don't ask again' option.


I personally tried this in our sandbox, and it worked for me.  Hope this will help.