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Invoice - Mark as Client Paid transfer to NetSuite

My company uses both Concur Invoice and NetSuite.  If we select an invoice as "Client Paid" in Concur, when it gets imported to NetSuite, will it be labeled as Paid?

SAP Concur, Former Employee

Hi @babcockm


This is an interesting question. Have you tried asking your company's Concur Admin? They configure your company's Concur products and have designed the workflows according to your company's unique needs. They should be able to tell you how it works for your company.


I hope this helps!



Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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Occasional Member - Level 2

Hi.  We have a similar question. We also use Netsuite and Concur and I assume you have Concur making payments on your behalf. I'd be happy to connect directly to share experiences. If interested, let me know. Thanks. BG.

Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi BG,

At Quotient Technology, we are using Concur and NetSuite, too!  I wanted to be able to integrate Concur Invoice into NetSuite to create identical Invoice detail info.  Once Concur payment completed and paid, I am hoping NetSuite to be updated exactly the same.  Is that possible?


Thank you,


Occasional Member - Level 1

Hello all,


We are using Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise and it will be very beneficial once Concur payment complete having in QB marked paid.


Is it possible someway or we have to manually do it?


Thank you