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Expense Type Import into lower level Expense Account Code Hierarchy

Hi, importing Expense Types into Invoice at the Ledger level is very straightforward.  Just entering the first level folder under global, in this case SAPB1, works without an issue.  🙂 However, I have 4 folders that sit at the next level down to SAPB1, i.e. Global --> SAPB1 --> AB1  (AB2, AB3, AB4 etc).


How do I import the Invoice Expense types at the AB1 level ?  I've tried AB1, SAPB1\AB1, SAPB1/AB1, SAPB1;AB1 but these don't work.  There must be a way to upload these.  I guess I'm just missing the bit of the string that instructs the upload to point towards the lower levels.  I can't see any instructions on the setup guide for this - unless I'm skimmed over it.


Your help would be appreciated, either to say just enter this character or a no - you can't do this.


many thanks

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Snell so I'm clear on what you are doing...are you trying to add additional account codes for Expense Types? 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 3

Hi Kevin, thanks for replying. Yes. 🙂


I'm trying to import the Expense types into Concur using the Import process.   The import spreadsheet has columns for Ledger but this appears to be only for the 'first' level of the accounting hierarchy.  Yes, I wish to import in the same spreadsheet the GL account codes for each level, as the GL Account codes differ in each layer.  The import spreadsheet allows this GL Account code update, but only at the highest ledger level ?  Just wondering if I'm missing a trick, or I have to do all of this manually.

many thanks


Occasional Member - Level 3

Hi @Snell ,


There is no option to update GL account codes at the lower level.  We were having similar requirements in my projects too; however, standard template doesn't support this. You need to manually input GL account codes under each hierarchy.  For similar issue, I did check this with Concur TC few years back and that time I got to know this that it is not feasible. 

But you can identify expense types which has common GL at all levels and update that GL account code at SAPB1 level and remaining you can update at respective hierarchy level.