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payment taking long time to be paid



I have a expense made and received the answer as paid now for 10 working days.  last time it took 6 days.  Should I worry, and who or where can I get help on this if it is not done soon?

Routine Member - Level 2

Payment terms is based on your company policy.  Some batch files every night and pay and others do it weekly or every 2 weeks.  Once your report is approved, you can look for the payment date under details in your report.  That will give you an idea of when it is expected to pay.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@DAF questions or issues regarding payments for reports are best answered by someone at your company either in the Finance or Accounting department. Since the reimbursement policy and time frame varies from company to company, we cannot really provide any concrete answer for you. 


In your situation where it took 6 days the first time and now it has been 10, I wouldn't worry too much. I think I would give it until 14 days until I started asking around. 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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