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New Member - Level 1

concur expense


recently, i did some charges regards rental car for different providers , the amounts of the different expenses were showed in Barclay card application but didn't show up in my concur session.

please advise 


Super User
Super User

Transfer of the charges from the credit card to Concur are not immediate.  With our Amex cards, it takes 3-4 days depending on when the charge is submitted to the credit card company.

Nancy Murray
Occasional Member - Level 2

We have card charges missing in Concur from June 16,17 &/or 18th. Are these the dates? They are blaming the card bank and didn't even look at in length. I have a case with no further reply's. 

File upload has rejected or was never received from the bank but Concur won't look deep enough to decipher which. 

Occasional Member - Level 3

Hmm we noticed a lot of duplicate charges on Concur that were not on our statements dating June 16 and 17... I wonder if they are related? I just assumed there was an issue with our AMEX connection and it was isolated to our company. Could have been a temporary glitch in Concur's coding that some charges were duplicated while others didn't make it to the site at all.