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You have not provided fuel receipts to cover your mileage expenses. Warning

Hello, is anyone able to help me with understanding how to fix this error message that is showing when doing Fuel for Mileage and Personal Car Mileage expenses in a claim.


"You have not provided fuel receipts to cover your mileage expenses. You need to complete your Fuel for Mileage expenses to cover the fuel that you have purchased to complete the company mileage, your receipt will need to be attached to the Fuel for Mileage expense, NOT this expense item. DO NOT put through an expense for expense type Fuel as this is for fuel purchased for hire cars only"



SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Good Afternoon,


It sounds like this is an exception message from an audit rule to abide by your company's policy.   I would think that if you attach the receipt and resave the expense, the audit rule would not fire and the exception would go away.  If you find that this is in the issue, you should go to your Administrator to see exactly what they are looking for.


Hope this helps!


SAP Concur Consultant

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Thanks for you're reply, I have found the issue, for some reason it doesn't like the transaction dates for Personal car mileage being the actual date I made the trip so I had to put the 5th instead of the 4th and filled up with fuel on the 8th which is correct. I'm waiting on a reply back from payroll and expenses regarding this issue so I'll confirm with them it is a company message and ask them to address the issue I have with transaction dates. Hopefully the incorrect dates won't affect my fuel payout.


Kind Regards