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Wrong company code


I'm unable to send an expense report because I can't use the company code that I used to have.
I need to use the company code 3382 and the cost center 33820030. 
When I change this in the report I get the following message:

You are not permitted to make an assignment to another company. Only assignment to another cost center is permitted. Please correct.

What should I do to have multiple company codes or change the default to 3382?


Occasional Member - Level 3

Good morning,
Here when this error occurs it is an error in the request other than the report.
We unlink the request from the report so that the report can be sent and we save the request and attach it to receipts, as proof that the trip was authorized.

Super User
Super User

There is a setting in the profile that does not allow a cross charge and must be set to YES, to allow another cost center to be used.  We have ours set to NO since each person has a specific center set up for their expenses.  When someone needs to charge another, we change the setting and then revert it once the report is completed.  You can leave it allowable all the time as well.

Nancy Murray
Community Manager
Community Manager

@Anonymous User did you recently move to a different area within your company? I'm asking because the rule won't allow you to select a different company code from what is currently assigned to you in your SAP Concur profile. If you did recently move to a different area, you will need your site admin to change your assigned company code back to what is was, which I'm guessing was 3382. 


I'm sending you a private message with a contact name.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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