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Used personal vs. corporate card to buy airfare, system will NOT let me clear exception :-/

The only options for payment type are corporate card or cash.  Even switching to cash, system says "corporate itinerary without card transaction- wait for card transaction to post before submitting.  No way to clear this exception.  Pro tips?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Tom_in_AZ You will need to delete the item off your report. Then create a new manual expense entry for airfare. The issue is the e-receipt (lightning icon) needs to be matched to a corporate card charge if it is on an expense report. So, if you remove it from the report, the red message will go away. 


Create a new airfare expense without the e-receipt or the airplane icon, for that matter. That should do the trick. You can then delete the e-receipt and airplane icon out of the system as they do not need to be on a report. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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