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Trouble submitting fraud/refund charges

I am trying to help one of my district managers clear out some old expenses from his Concur.  He had a couple fraudulent charges, and was reimbursed for them, but wasn’t sure how to submit them.  They are now saying that since they are over 90 days old, they can no longer be submitted.  Can you provide any insight on how to clear these out?


Occasional Member - Level 2

You will need to have the Expense Company Card Administrator role to do this. The best way to clear them out is to first make sure there are no other charges in the Available Expenses (move them all to a report). Then go to Adminstration>Company>Tools. Select Company Card, then go to Manage Transactions tab. At the Search In, select "Name On Card",  at Contains enter the persons name. In Show Only select  "Unassigned to Report".  When the charges that you want to clear out show up, select the rows and the click the Hide Selected Rows button.  The selected charges will now be hidden, and will not show up unless filtered for in this same area. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@jhooblrd what @Devanb said is spot on. 


If you do not know who the credit card administrator is, the best place to start asking is either Finance, Accounting or Payroll/HR departments. Usually someone from one of these departments is in charge of company credit cards. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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