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Reports submitted on behalf of others

Does anyone know of a way to either flag and/or report on Reports that were submitted for others by a Proxy? Whilst Proxy access is very controlled and limited to only a select few in our org, we're wondering if there's a way to easily view any & all reports that may have been submitted by a Proxy. 


Ex. If logged in as a Proxy I submit someone else's Report, can that report either be flagged for audit or routed to a designated approver for additional review? If not, can we as an org at least pull a report (or query) that enables us to run a list of reports that were submitted by a Proxy?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@AFysh submitting as a proxy, the report will still follow the same approvals as when the employee submits. You can use Cognos reporting to show if a report was submitted by a delegate. I believe submitting as a proxy flags it as submitted by a delegate. 


To build this report you just need the following data items:

Employee Name

Report Name

Submitted by a Delegate

Delegate Details (if you want to see the name of the person). 


You can add other report details, like Expense Type, Entry Amount, etc. as needed to the report.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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