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Remittance File based on the Concur JSON File

How should the info in the JSON file be used to successfully create a remittance file and are there configuration decisions that can be made to include/exclude the actual card number?


We are looking at the JSON Files produced in our Concur Instance and we're assuming that all the details are in there for a remittance file to be successfully created for the bank. Looking at it, we can only see cardAccountID and not the actual Card Number. Does that mean that this ID is what gets used to create the remittance file? Is it possible to display the Actual Card Number in the JSON File?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@brandtp09 I'm not familiar with JSON files, but I do know that within Concur, full credit cards numbers are not visible. I don't know if that applies to JSON files, but I would think that it would for security and consistency purposes.  Do not quote me on this, as I am just speculating. 🙂


Let's see if anyone else responds. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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