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Remind approvers

How can I setup notifications for approvers of expense reports?


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Hello @tinamwelch.  I thought that the email reminders were automatically sent.  However, what we did was go under Expense Settings, Policy, Approval Routing and selected the following: 


The manager gets a reminder email around day 3.  I'm not sure if this affects the reminder, but it doesn't hurt.  Especially when the report gets bumped up the chain of command.  There is also a setting in the personal Profile / Expense Preferences that has an email be sent when they have a report to approve.  


And even a Prompt (in the Profile settings) that will open up a pop-up box letting the approver know there are reports to be approved  


Mind, the box needs to be checked in their Profile for them to get the emails. 

I hope this helps.


SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@tinamwelch Hello!  @MSteele is correct in that the user's will need to have the An expense report is submitted for approval box checked.  I thought I would also add a little more info as to why they might not be receiving emails as well:

The user will have to enable the following setting under their Expense Preferences: An expense report is submitted for approval. Please have the user follow the steps below:
  1. Near the top right, click on your Initials > Profile Settings
  2. On the left side, click on Expense Preferences
  3. Check the following setting: An expense report is submitted for approval
  4. Click Save
There are several reasons this could occur:
  • Most often, the status of the report is in "Hold Receipt" status
  • The Approver has not enabled the Expense report is submitted for approval under their Expense Preferences
  • Incorrect/invalid email address in the profile
  • Email address has not been verified in their profile
  • Check the workflow of the report to see if an additional Approver has been added that is not part of the normal workflow. By web design, if an additional approver is added, that Approver will only get the email notifications on day 3. They will not receive the initial day 1 email. This is by design when additional steps are added after the report is submitted.
Additional Information
Also, verify the email address is correct and verified within the profile. Please see the following article for more info: How do I verify an email address?

If the user still did not receive the email notification, check the status of the expense report to ensure it is not in "Hold Receipt" status. When a user submits an expense report, the Manager/Approver should receive an email notification for Pending Report Approval. However, if the report went to "Hold Receipt" status the Manager/Approver will not receive an email notification.

If the compliance rule "Require receipts to be attached at the expense line item level" is enabled:
  • When a user submits the report, the report status changes from "Submitted" to "Hold Receipt Image"
  • The system receives the receipt and the report status of the Receipt changes from No to Yes
  • The system then changes the status of the report from "Hold Receipt Image" to "Submitted Pending Approval"
  • This is the time Manager/Approver will receive an email notification
If all of the above is verified correct and the user is still not receiving the emails, please reach out to your IT team to ensure the user's email address is not suppressed. They can remove suppressed email addresses using SES console or the CLI. Provide this link to administrator of your email servers for guidance:

If the user's email has been removed from the suppression list and is still not receiving email notifications, please open a case with SAP Concur Support and advise the following:
  • Emails are not being received for a user
  • Confirm they have been removed from the suppression list at by your IT team
  • Provide email address of the user(s) not receiving the email


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Thank you,
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