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Please push my external audit review through

Hi please kindly push my expense reports manually forward. They have been stuck in "pending external validation" for almost 8 hours however, I am going on lengthy PTO this week and I must submit them and have them approved today. Please help.

At our company, it goes through "pending external validation", then is reviewed by auditors or the line manager however, my reports have been stuck on step 1. Please assist. Thank you

283159 C. Rubin QV 3/19/2024 $1,826.66 ; DJRPBR

284316 A Dessouki QV 22Mar24 $1,879.42  ; P8YRLB

Community Manager
Community Manager

@jayali The validation is taking place outside of the SAP Concur system, so we do not have access to your report. 

However, your company's Expense Processor can push it past this step if need be. I don't know who this is at your company, but usually they are in the Finance, Accounting, Payroll or HR departments.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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