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Occasional Member - Level 1

Old UI vs New UI

Objectively speaking, the new UI is WAY less intuitive to use. It looks better and more modern, but that's about it. I hope you can go back to putting everything on the same screen. It's literally a chore submitting expenses with the new system, where before, everything just worked, even though it didn't look as modern.

New Member - Level 1

Yep, the new UI is poor. The old interface was much better

New Member - Level 2

Agreed. Attempting to use this new layout and am frustrated by Concur's choices here.
Give us back the one page layout, too much time wasted between screens. Will notify our organization to look into alternatives if this continues.

Occasional Member - Level 1

God, it's terrible.

It completely broke the expense flow I had before (bulk upload receipts, create a report, start creating expenses based on the available attachments)

New Member - Level 2

I can't imagine anyone consciously chooses to visit expense processing without having some form of looming work that they want to get done quickly... I suppose I can understand the desire for overhaul or company's self-perception as stale, but function really is much more important than form here...

I came to the forum on the hunt for a way to fix receipt drag and drop and 2-pane layout, did not realize this was a new UI (didn't realize Concur had a forum, either). I have dozens of expenses to process, and this is supposed to be a tiny tiny part of my job, not a late workday.

Edit: Just gave up on trying to find shortcuts, and started using it. This is really poorly thought out and frustrating. The nonessential UI accents now make slow performance even worse. Way too many necessary clicks and page/pane reloads now.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@RobR our product team is working on getting the Drag and Drop launched. I believe the ability to drag from a desktop or folder is supposed to be launched this week, but that could be subject to change. I do know it is being worked on though.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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New Member - Level 2

Thanks, that will be a huge improvement on speed and usability, for me at least. I'm going so slow with the new UI that I'm abandoning this for the night.

edit: in the field all day tomorrow so have to finish expenses tonight...

Honestly, this is a nightmare. I have receipts piling up as available and not attaching to the expense item half the time.

Also, no longer being able to see the comment means there is no field I can customize to see in the list. I have a pile of entries from the same vendor that have to be allocated differently, and I can't do so by commenting each one as I edit them, to be re-assigned later. Now each has to be opened to be re-assigned.