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New Member - Level 1

New look for Expense

I guess June 1st you released the new Expense format and it is a huge fail in my opinion.


It is way to busy, twisches and switches so many times to get one expense done. It is combersome and slow. It doubled the time and it is awful to the eyes. You ever this this design reinvented the wheel and actually screwed this up. I have asked SAP Concur to switch back to the old version. 


Does anyone feel the same way?

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

What was the specific expense task you ran into an issue with? The new UI was built to reduce clicks and be less busy, specifically offering a 1-click expense experience. Please include more detail and I can walk you through the experience. Thank you. 

New Member - Level 1

Adding guests, inputting names, etc...  It's just more cumbersome. 

New Member - Level 1

Agree 100%.  Takes at least 15 minutes longer to complete.  

New Member - Level 1

I agree 100% with BettinaSlate.  Epic fail!  Please revert back to the old view!!!

Next time such a major change is considered, please perform a pilot test amongst ACTUAL USERS who will be impacted OR give users the choice between views.

Occasional Member - Level 3

Count me in, please revert back to the old interface. 

New Member - Level 2

Agree 100%, new look is awful, slow and the quick mileage option no longer exists making my monthly inputs far more time consuming, this is about as bad a change as you could have made. Is there an option to switch back? If not please give us one asap so we can get away from this awful interface.