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Netsuite connector

Anyone having issues with their Netsuite connector. We have been having issues for months and keep getting promised situation has been resolved then ssue pops back up again and support tickets are takeing weeks to get addressed?

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We've been having the same issue with reports not pushing through to NetSuite and then our related support tickets are completely ignored. This is the 4th or 5th month in a row and our client success rep claims they're escalating the tickets, but tickets go unresolved.

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Same problem exactly. In the past we have had just 1 or 2 not make it into our Netsuite on occasion. I then open a case with Concur support to get it re-processed and we are back in business. But this time we are missing 24 expense reports (cash; non-credit card type). There must be a major problem because the Concur extract job that pulls the cash expense reports has even been turned off in our account since 9/18/2022. So they are not even trying to send "cash" expense reports to our Netsuite account. Very frustrating as I have gotten no response for a week from Concur Support. Credit card type expense reports (which are vendor bills in our NS account) are still making it over. It's only the cash-type (which are expense reports in our NS account). We did have an upgrade in Netsuite (v 2022.2) on 9/10/2022, but did receive a few "cash" expense reports immediately after the upgrade. What to do ?

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We've also had such problems for the past two years.  Finally gave up trying to re-queue any failed expense reports, because the tickets were simply ignored.  BUT, on September 13th, the connector simply stopped altogether.  Just got off the phone with our Account Rep who acknowledged they tried to migrate from Boomi to their own SAP data integration tool but "ran into problems."  There's no ability to roll back to Boomi.  In 25 years in enterprise software, I've never seen such a failure.  No roll back plan?  Really?  The good news is that once we migrate the integration to Celigo, we'll have full internal support to start looking for a different expense solution.  

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This happened to us on 09/16/2022 when NS upgraded to 2022.2. They ended support for a WSDL 2015.2 which is what SAP is using. SAP needs to WAKE UP and take care of this issue promptly. 


I can show the response back from NS (after Concur integration sends a request into NS): 

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:xsi="">




            <faultstring>SuiteTalk endpoint version 2015_2 is no longer supported.</faultstring>


                <platformFaults:SoapFault xmlns:platformFaults="">


                    <platformFaults:message>SuiteTalk endpoint version 2015_2 is no longer supported.</platformFaults:message>


                <ns1:hostname xmlns:ns1="">partners014</ns1:hostname>





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Any follow up from support regarding this?  I just had my accounting team reach out to me with this same error.

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Cross-posting from Admin forum:


As of NetSuite 2022.2 the WSDL version that Concur uses (2015.2) has been deprecated.

NetSuite supports the latest 6 endpoints:



and the latest 8 endpoints are available but unsupported:









2015.2 Deprecated


Our Customer Success Manager couldn't help without a Case (which we logged), but said even then due to "limited bandwidth of our NetSuite resources" it would still be 2.5 weeks +

In a separate meeting Concur's suggestion was to work with a Partner such as Wipfli, which doesn't inspire a ton of confidence that SAP Concur is planning on addressing this. It would probably take Concur & NetSuite 1 day max to work together to update the WSDL version in use for the NetSuite connector.

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Thank you for the response.  That is the impression i'm getting as well as we've even had tickets open with them for a month now with no response at all.  But they are still advertising the connector on their website.

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I am having similar issues, all the expenses that I process don't get posted in NetSuite. The support is very poor in assisting us, we keep following up but they are not responsive. So frustrating..

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In case this can help 1 other person/company, after 5 months, Concur Support Managed Integration Services Team assisted in getting our NetSuite connector to start sync(h)ing with some consistency.


Expense Admin > Accounting Administration > Account Codes for Selected Hierarchy

Expense Type: Account Code

for 8 years this Concur "Account Code" was the GL account number on the Expense Category in NetSuite.

Now apparently in Concur it is the internal id of the Expense Category in NetSuite.

I can explain further if anyone needs.