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My expense is pending external validation?

Hi, my very first expense that i raised in concur is sitting as 'pending external audit'. I dont understand why as my manager has verbally approved it and is happy to approve. The expense hasn't reached him yet, because it is pending this validation. I can't seem to raise a request with anyone for this either. 




Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@roshdosh101 usually this status is for our customers using one of our Audit Services. The validation takes place outside of SAP Concur, so there isn't anything you can do. I don't now long it has been in this status, but if it has been more than 3-5 business days, you should speak with the person(s) at your company who manage SAP Concur. These are people usually in the Finance, Accounting, Payroll or HR departments. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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