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My Corporate card expenses do not appear in my Concur expense account

I have used concur before and recently I renewed my credit card and also updated it in my profile. But my recent official trip expenses that I made with the new card does not appear in my expense in my concur expense. Please help.



V.Rajesh Kumar

Super User

Check with your company's Concur administration if the credit card was assigned to our profile, if transactions are not hidden and properly released to your profile. 


Maria Steen
Super User

In addition to Maria's answer, it does take 3-4 days for the charges to appear in Concur so if it hasn't been that long, then you may have to wait for them.

Nancy Murray
Community Manager
Community Manager

@vrajesh4 most likely if you aren't seeing transactions, the new card wasn't assigned to you in the system. You will need to have the person(s) in charge of corporate cards make sure the card has been assigned to you in the system.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Hi,  I wanted to share a recent experience on the subject.   My user had a credit card transaction that she did not recognize, and I was going to recommend contacting the credit card and submitting a fraud claim.    Before that, I wanted to confirm that was the case.  


I checked Corporate Card > Managed Transactions and looked for the date and amount.  I found it.  But the employee's name on the card was a different name.  I proxy to that employee's expense page, he had the e-receipt for the amount in his expense report and it was waiting for the card transaction to upload.  


So, I unassigned both employees' cards and reassigned them to the correct employee.   The transaction was moved to the correct employee.  There was no need to file a fraudulent claim with the credit card.  


In summary, manual assignments are prone to human error (as in this case).  Please check with your company's Concur administrator or the credit card administrator to research where the transactions might be.



Maria Steen