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Issues with new concur web version "Report-End-Date must be current/actual date."

Greetings, I haven't submitted an expense in a few months, but now am noticing that the new interface for expense reporting in the concur website is worse than it used to be.  Creating new expense entries used to provide a nicely formatted multi-column list, now it's a scroll list which is harder to use.  It used to be possible to edit an expense report header from the multi-pane detailed list of expenses in the report, but now I have to 'level up' to the expense report root before editing the header is possible. I would love if these regressions were resolved.


But my main issue currently is that when I try to submit an expense report, I get an error "Report-End-Date must be current/actual date." With the last report I submitted today, all I had to do was set the end date to the current date. now that is no longer working for this report. To be clear, the end date is set to the current date, and it IS an 'actual' date, not a false or imaginary date.  Help?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@drlava is this still an issue for you? If so, could you private message me your company email address please? In order to look at your expense report, I need to find your profile. Unless you use your hotmail address as your company email address, I won't be able to look you up based on the email you provide here on the Community.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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