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Is it possible to export expense reports with receipt images attached?

As small business I am being booted from using Concur after 6 years.  So I need to export my expense reports AND the images of the receipts I have saved over the years for tax purposes. 


I can get the expense report itself exported, but I can't figure out how to make sure the receipts are attached to the report. 


Anyone know how to do this -- or if it's even possible?  Would seem like it should be otherwise there would be no reason to save the images in the first place.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@KLONG50 it is possible, but there are some requirements needed. I've pasted them below. I would reach out to your SAP Concur Account Owner to see if they can help. If you don't know who that is, send me a private message here on the community and I can provide you a name.


Image Delivery is available if your company:

•Uses Concur Expense, Concur Travel & Expense, or Concur Invoice
• Has a pre-existing SFTP site with SAP Concur solutions
• Is using the Professional edition
: This service is not yet available for clients whose data is located in China Data Center

What is the Cost?
Historical Image Extract services are billable based on the size of the images in a specific date range and the time to complete processing the extract due to specific custom filtering of the data requested by your company.

Creating a Historical Image Extracts Service Request
To request the Historical Image Delivery Extract service, the following steps need to occur:

  1. Your company needs to open a case with SAP Concur support and indicate a date range or a set of specific reports to extract.
  2. SAP Concur support reviews and provides your company and account manager a quote with the number of hours required for the request.
  3. Your account manager then provides you with the final amount through a Sales Order Form (SOF).
  4. As soon as your company signs the SOF, a project is created - which SAP Concur assigns to a specialist within 3 business days - after which the image extraction can start.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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