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How are delegates processing expense reports with the two step factor authentication?

Hello Everyone,


Just wanted to check around and ask how are delegates processing the expenses of higher management with the two step authentication process? How do you access the account when you need to process an expense that requires a no receipt affidavit? 


Thank you.

Super User
Super User

The affidavit can be submitted only by the user (see: Expense: Receipt Handling - Digital Receipts Setup Guide (




In our company, in these cases, delegates we make a capture of a paper where they  write "TICKET NOT AVAILABLE".



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Thank you for that info.

How about with the login? when supporting management that travels often - with the 2 step authentication? some execs don't have the time to text the code every time you are trying to process these reports.

We have two methods to log in: SSO (Single Sign-on) and 2FA (2 step authentication)


Employees use one method or another depending their preferences.


Delegates can only access their assistant through option "A Delegate for another user who has granted you this permission"



Community Manager
Community Manager

@Viv1 Delegates do not need the 2FA code as they can switch to the exec's account when they are signed in to their own account. I understand the missing receipt issue, but in cases where the MRD isn't needed, the delegates should sign in to their own profile, then switch to the exec's account.


I know people don't follow this, but we do not recommend people giving out their username and password to others. I know a lot of execs do this for their administrative assistants, but the delegate feature should really be used. I've recommended to others that they create and get approved by their Finance team a pdf version of a missing receipt declaration that can be used by delegates. That way this pdf can just be attached like any other receipt.


Just an idea to think about. 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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I just posted about this issue myself.  There are two issue with this system.  

1.  Delegates do not have the ability to approve the terminated employees expense report, They can ony create it and submit it.   

2.  Delegates do not have the ability to use the missing reciept declarataion.  If a delegate is creating an expense report for a terminated employee, we most likely do not have the reciepts.  


How do we fix these issues?