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Hotel E-receipts are coming in with the same date on all itemized lines - Marriott & Hilton

Profession Edition - It started with Hilton, one hotel, now I've seen a Marriott e-receipt also with incorrect dates.  In the last month we've started seeing e-receipts coming in with incorrect itemization dates on the line items. So for example, the nights should be Nov 11-16, but e-receipt has all line items dated 11-16 (I saw one with all lines items dated a week later!).  At first I thought it was localized to one Hilton hotel, saw a few from them, now I am also seeing a Marriott with the same issue.  Is anyone else seeing this happening?  Sure makes a mess with audit, when manual receipt and e-receipt don't match.  Users are getting confused and reporting won't be accurate.


Could this be connected to the corrupt e-receipts that have been coming in causing errors when users try to open reports with unmatched items in their Available Expenses?  This is a known issue for which I logged a case, it was acknowledged and is being worked on.


For one user with the date issue, noted above, on the e-receipt I wanted to split the e-receipt from the itinerary, so we could at least attach the itinerary to the expense, but we cannot unmatch the e-receipt from the itinerary - which is also a known issue for which I logged a case a year or so ago.  Frustrating, as we have external auditors that want to see the itineraries to make sure we are paying booked rates!  Note that we have "Site Settings" to allow and not allow users to delete e-receipts and itineraries, but I checked both functions to allow deletion these and it does not work.  The "Unmatch" is selected, the screen blinks, and nothing happens.  Our setting to allow users to combine expenses into a single merged expense is also checked.


Not sure that the dating on the e-receipts is something Concur can resolve or what we need to do?




Occasional Member - Level 3

Hi - We have been seeing the same issue with Hilton e-receipts for a few weeks now.