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Expense type in SAP Concur Assoc/ Fellow Frn Relocation vs Assoc/ Fellow Dom Relocation

This question might have a more general answer than the specific question I have, but I am not finding any descriptions of the expense types in SAP Concur. For example, one is listed Assoc/ Fellow Frn Relocation and the other relocation expense type is Assoc/ Fellow Dom Relocation. I don't know the difference or what Frn and Dom stand for. Perhaps this is organization-specific (I am at the National Academy of Sciences), but does anyone know how I might find more information about the expense types?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@dgomes I can tell you that these expense types are specific to your organization. I suggest speaking with your direct manager since they will be the one approving your report when you eventually submit it. 


There isn't any description of these expense types unless your company has a document published somewhere internally that you can access. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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