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Expense question



I have some individuals who are supporting the launch of a new site. They had made purchases for the new building with there own credit card and are now wanting to submit the expenses. However, they are not reporting to the launch site so they do not have the ability to chose that location code. Is there something that can be added to their account so they can choose the new location or do they just submit he expense to their home location?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@tbusby this is a bit of a tricky question...I don't want to advise them on what to do and have it go against your company policy. However, it sounds like the way your SAP Concur site is set up, it was purposely done so to not allow people to choose another location. 


I looked in your site at your expense report and the location field is locked. So, my guess is they just submit to their own location. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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