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Drop and Drag Feature missing in NextGen UI

I have worked in Concur for years and recently we switched to the NextGen UI and it is a huge inconvenience not being able to drag the invoices to attach them to an expense.  I sometimes have several invoices to load to one expense line and having to individually upload them is extremely time consuming,  Will Drop and Drag be added back soon since it is such a convenience for the end users?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@519996 first let me say that I really do miss the drag and drop option. However, this was done away with and as far as I know will not be added. We do have our Customer Engagement Initiative where you can provide feedback regarding SAP Concur products. I would highly recommend you provide this feedback. 


I'm actually meeting with members of our User Experience team to provide them feedback I've seen here on the Community regarding our NextGen UI. 


Read this article to learn about the CEI program: Customer Engagement Initiative

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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I will be wrecking the email of our Customer Failure Manager over this ridiculousness. All drag/drop targets are GONE. All autocomplete is GONE. The entire new UI is hot garbage and it takes me 5x longer to import and categorize expenses now. Looks like we will be adding Concur to our graveyard of products that we had to abandon after SAP acquired and destroyed it.


Like I get it that the old UI looked a bit crufty and wasn't "mobile first" or whatever initiative you might want to cite as to why it was in need of updating, but at least the old one was designed by someone who actually thought about how people would need to use the thing.

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Please be sure to share your concerns about the new UI with your client success team as well.  

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A user in another thread posted a link to an improvement suggestion that support users can vote on for drag and drop.


If you want to see this basic functionality return, please check it out.  Apparently each SAP Concur client company can have 1 vote counted.  Thanks!

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Link results in "Access Denied" by Concur for me.

Occasional Member - Level 3

It is in a section of the forum that is restricted to authorized admin contacts for Concur.    If you are unable to access it, that may be why.