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Delete a receipt image?

Some of my expenses need a cover form along with the receipt.  After taking a picture of the receipt and the cover form and tagging it to an expense via Expense it I noticed there was some missing information that I needed to add to the cover form.  The problem is I cant delete the old cover form/receipt with the error from the line item.  I need to replace that image with the more recent corrected one.  I just cant add the corrected form/receipt to the old one with errors which is the only option I have.  The program will only let me add more images/receipts.  Not delete the wrong one. Please advise.



Community Manager
Community Manager

@NMP is the expense entry: 1. On an expense report? 2. Attached to a company card transaction or is this a cash/out of pocket expense? 


Are you taking a picture of the receipt using the mobile app or are you emailing the receipt to

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

The expense is on an expense report.  It was a charge on my corporate AMEX.  The image is a PDF that was emailed to  Ironically this was the last pdf receipt that I was able to email to concur in...

Anyway, I cannot delete the cover page/receipt image and replace it with the corrected cover page and receipt.  Thank you for help