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Changing Attendee Allocations

We are running into issues of employees going to dinner with 3rd party individuals, but splitting the bill. We need to track all attendees, regardless of whether or not our company paid for their meal. When adding attendees to our expense, Concur splits the total expense amount evenly across all of the attendees.  For example, if I go to dinner with one other employee and a client, but I only pay for my meal and my coworker's meal. When I go to add him and the client as attendees, it splits the bill evenly between the three of us. Our goal would be to show all three in attendance, but have the client show as $0.00.


Is it possible to change the amount of allocation in the attendees section so that it is not evenly split?



Community Manager
Community Manager

@travis-ralls this is possible but must be activated for the expense type. Unless you unrestricted access to site configuration options, you will need to submit a help ticket to SAP Concur to have this activated. I've provided a screenshot from our test site to show you this option. 




Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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