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Available Expenses Not Populating in Reports

Hello All!


I was wondering if there is a solution to the reporting issue I'm having or if perhaps this is just a user error on my end.


The issue is that the reporting in Concur does not show us available expenses (expenses that have not yet been moved into an expense report by the employee). This appears to be an issue with both custom reporting and standard reports. 


Anyone know of a solution?




Community Manager
Community Manager

@ben_mcgraw I'm going to need a little more information as reporting definitely can show unassigned transactions. I would need to see the custom report you built to see if there is something causing the unassigned transactions to not appear. 


Which Standard report did you try?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi Kevin,


First of all, thank you so much for looking into this. This issue has been keeping me up at night!


The attached excel file should show you everything that you requested in order to research further. To your point, I found it hard to believe that the reporting lacked the ability to show expenses that have not yet been moved into expense reports. I have tried different versions of the custom report and have removed some fields that I thought could potentially be causing the issue. Still though, with the basic fields of information I have on the report currently, I do not see available transactions. 


To explain the file, the first green tab is the full custom report. I have this filtered to show all transactions that have not yet been approved. The second green tab shows some samples of two employees that have available expenses. The orange tabs are screenshots of each employee's available expenses and also expenses they have already moved into expense reports. You'll see that the totals in the expense reports match the totals in the green tabs meaning the custom report is not showing the available expenses. The blue tab is a standard report (Unsubmitted Expenses) that I have run a few times. Again, the total in this report only shows items that the employee has already moved into reports.


Again, thank you for looking into this. Any insights you can share would be greatly appreciated.


Edit: Can I email you the excel file or is there a way to attach it here? I keep getting an error saying .xlsx is not support. Same with a microsoft word document (.docx).