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Audit Rule to not allow report submission for 7 days from expense of an Out of Pocket Expense

Looking for a practical example where the [Entry Date] + 6 Days triggers a stop on the submission of the expense report.


I have tried 

[Entry] + [Transaction Date] + [Any, Within Today -] + [6] 


Goal is to delay submission for expenses that should be via a credit card and are reported as out of pocket.


Any support is appreciated. 

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@ConYoDog Hello!  We have a payment type just for this instance.  


The "Pending Card Transaction" payment type is utilized to give users the opportunity to manually enter expense information and itinerary transactions while waiting for the transaction data to arrive in SAP Concur.  The best practice is to leave the expense item in the Expense Library until the payment type updates before moving it into an expense report. 

SAP Concur will not allow an expense report to be submitted if it has "Pending Card Transaction" as the payment type for one of the expenses. The user will have to wait until the expense matches the credit card transaction or the user manually updates the payment type. 

There are two different ways this can be configured:


  1. Pending Card Transaction is set up to be the default payment type - every time the user adds an expense to their report that is not a credit card charge, they will be required to either manually select a different available payment type (i.e. Cash/Out of Pocket) or wait for a credit card transaction to match it with. If the entry is later matched to a credit card transaction, the payment type will be overwritten to correspond with the associated card until the report is submitted. Once submitted no matching will occur.
  2. Map the Travel Itineraries in Company Paid Travel Options to Pending Card Transaction - this will force the user to wait for the credit card transaction or to manually mark it as Cash/Out of Pocket.  All other transactions added will default to Cash/Out of Pocket unless the transaction is an actual card transaction or the user chooses to select the Pending Card Transaction payment type.

If this is something you would like to get set up, you can create a Support ticket and our Expense Solutions team will be able to assist. 


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Thank you,
Melanie Taufen
SAP Concur Community Moderator
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@MelanieT thank you for the feedback.

Do you know if the default is Policy Specific or Site Specific.  We have countries that do not use cards and OOP needs to be the 1st choice.


I would like to know how the audit works related to the date as noted, help is appreciated in that regard.