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3/6/24 Credit Card Transactions Not Found

Hello -


I'm an Admin and having issues with credit card transactions with posting date of 3/6/24.  There are 116 transactions showing as "Prior to Card Assignment" - I was able to get this from a custom report I had made for us to show credit card transactions and their statuses.  We did have a day last week and after 3/6 where we had to assign a whole bunch of cards, which was odd.  Our thinking was when we assigned the cards, the charges would follow, but that is not the case.  We then expected to see them if we went into manage transactions at a card level then release, but not seeing them there either (although one person we did - not sure why).


Any thoughts on where to find these transactions and how to get them to the appropriate person in Concur?   I don't see any issues before or after the 3/6/24credit card posting date.





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Hi Mike,


Our organization has had the same issue where CC transactions from 3/6 and 3/7 have not populated in Concur. We also have the same unassigned message and after speaking with our CC provider, it is a widespread Concur issue. We opened a ticket from Concur support and were advised the following:
Impact Prior to Resolution: In the US2, EU2, and China Data Centers, credit card accounts are being duplicated. Affected customers may experience credit card transactions flowing to the duplicated accounts instead of the original, already assigned accounts. Additionally, Administrators may have received notifications regarding the duplicate credit card accounts.
Workaround: A workaround for this issue is not available at this time.
Action Plan: The Incident Response Team (IRT) plans to enable a mass run importer service by Wednesday, March 20th. These clean up runs would then be part of regular imports. Due to the intense level of database capacity, there will only be a limited number of correction runs performed each day which will be increased gradually. The focus of the initial correction runs will be to detect duplicates for individual accounts, detect duplicates for Lodge accounts and move transactions to the original account, and then review logs for findings and proceed accordingly. Manual clean up runs have continued, and a limited volume of automated runs were executed. Small automated runs consisting of limited volume has proven to yield expected results. The IRT understands that this might be time sensitive and card transactions need to be reconciled, however the IRT is looking towards a holistic clean up of all the duplicate data. Providing the whole list of affected card accounts is not possible at this time as the priority right now is the clean up of the duplicate card accounts. While the IRT is striving to minimize any delays, it is crucial to prioritize data accuracy. Please be assured that the IRT is actively working to minimize any further delays and will provide regular updates on the progress. Once the next steps are finalized, we will provide you with detailed information.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Alberto.  We just now heard same response on an open ticket.  Feels like this impacts many, hoping to get fixed! 

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Thanks Mike. Same here, weve received quite a bit of inquiries from cardholders wondering where there transactions are. Heres hoping its fixed soon