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Receipt capture: Confirmation prompt for document type (Policy compliance validation)

Hi Community,


I noticed an ever-recurring problem we as Expense admins and processors always face: Claim rejection based on receipt type


Solution proposal (web & mobile)

Validation prompt at document capture/upload to confirm proper document type or to inform user of the appropriate required document,



Context & reasoning

Fiscal regulations usually require businesses to keep detailed/itemized proof of payment for most charges incurred by employees.

This aspect is usually covered by written requirements in Corporate Policies.


As an Expense admin, throughout my career I have noticed one of the most recurring user mistakes is capturing the incorrect document.
Users can confuse the below categories of document types

  • Non-detailed documents:
    POS payment slips, Credit Card payment confirmations, general payment confirmations, order confirmations without item list etc.
  • Detailed documents (fiscally required):
    Receipts, Invoices (ideally settled), Purchase Orders (settled), detailed Orders with payment information etc.


These aspects usually turn into increased user friction caused by audit rejections, risk of reimbursement rejection due to improper documents, risk of corporate non-compliance regarding document regulations and requirements (fiscal, legal) for incurred Corporate Credit Card charges and an overall decreased user-experience.


I would love to get feedback from other admins!



Thank you in advance!