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Posting guidelines pinned to each forum

Would it be possible to have posting guidelines in a pinned post at the top of each forum, with a "Please Read First" etc title?

Guidelines should cover a lot of what is hidden away here under Announcements (SAP Concur Community Participant Guidelines - SAP Concur Community) but I also have some specific suggestions:


  1.  Highlight that only those users with a SAP Concur symbol under their name are Concur employees.  Everyone else is just a regular user with no access to any other customer's information so please don't ask them when your expense reimbursement will be paid or who your company's Concur Administrator is.
  2. Please provide as much information as possible to describe the situation you are experiencing e.g. what screen you are in, what action you are performing, the exact wording of any error messages.  Putting more effort into explaining the issue will encourage more effort from other Community members to help you.
  3.  Further to point 2, screenshots are incredibly valuable to help other Community members understand your issue.  There are many tools available to both capture screenshots and redact sensitive information before sharing on the Community.
  4. If your issue gets resolved, either from Community member advice or otherwise, please share the solution so everyone can benefit.  It's also a courtesy to Community members who've taken the time to provide advice.