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Occasional Member - Level 2

Improve reporting section for Users

The current setup doesn't allow users to do their own reporting. This will cause more questions to the expense controller but this can be avoided if we improve the functionalities of the report section.

Business case: 

Request with prio 1:

For app + browser: When you click on 'Open reports': make the view of the reports more user-friendly, by allowing the user to search on the status of the reports (submitted/non-submitted/ chronologically,...). The user should be able to do their own follow-up of the report

We want to:

  • Have a view per status
  • Be able to search on the reports
  • Be able to download reports
  • Have a filter, based on all the statuses and dates (or ranges) etc.

Risk of Not Performing: 

People cannot do the follow up themselves and will ask support from the expense controller.