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German Address - variants like "Str.", "Strasse" and "Straße" are not recognized

Business case: Due to the Tax & Legal implications of the Three months rule, it is paramount to be precise and accurate in the calculation of which exact Expenses are affected by this rule. We aim to reduce the inaccuracies that can appear with the Calculations in Concur.


The “three-month rule” applies when an employee is claiming travel expenses and working more than three months at the same address). The basis for the
validation is the address recorded in the daily allowance screen. The rule is determined rudimentarily by comparing the address entered by the employee, e.g.variants like "Str.", "Strasse" and "Straße" are not recognized as the same address parts, so the three-month rule is not recognised.
○ The algorithm must recognise variants of the same address. 
○ This could also include/require a check against an address database. Or (see mileage calculator) the entry by the employee will be auto-corrected to
a standardised format.
● Check Functionality for reduction of meals (similar to Iprocon solution) when Employee has been invited to entertainment should be implemented