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Display the termination date for inactive users

Currently, 8 Territories share 1 single instance of Global Concur. More territories will be onboarding.

Business Case:

The termination date of the employee is received via feed automatically within Concur.

We have situations whereby Employees would submit the expense report during their last day of employment. Upon reviewing the expense report (generally would be a later date than the termination date of the employee), should the back office user (processor) require to send the expense report back to the employee for correction and re-submission, it's impossible for the processor to identify whether an employee is still active or inactive in the system at that stage and hence would result in a very time-consuming process.


Solution: We must have either the termination date of the user or perhaps a message "Employee is Inactive" on the report header as displayed below in red to help identify the processor taking the correct next steps.


Please note: we are referring to more than 20K Expense Reports per month within a single territory and you can imagine the time it consumes when you do not have the termination date displayed for the processor