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Better Visibility of Delta Posting and its related changes in Backoffice

Germany requires better visibility on expense reports, especially when reopened once approved and paid. They need some sort of indication on the report itself. We did log a support ticket and were informed that it's impossible to have something like that available.


We did explore other options like a Cognos report, however, a Cognos Report is not really helpful for them. They need to see changes when checking Reports in the Back Office Processor Step. A Cognos report would only be a workaround. 


A similar situation must occur with other Concur customers i.e. Other customers must use Delta posting and be interested in changes made during Delta. It is very complicated to track these changes in the audit trail so how do other customers handle such situations?


For Back Office Users, we want to be able to easily  identify the  Changes that are made after the report are reopened. Using the Audit Trail will be to cumbersome and Time consuming for us.  A distinct  feature showing  which Expenses  have been modified and what exactly was changed would be helpful.